Magformers Best Starter Set Ideas for Toddlers

In our Brisbane shop we are often asked about what Magformers sets to buy to start your collection. As the range has grown over the last couple of years, sometimes the choice can be a little overwhelming, with around 40 different sets to choose from!

Magformers are one of those great toys that you can build up a fantastic collection of over a couple of years, adding different shaped pieces, accessories, moving parts and themes along the way. Here are our top recommendations for starting your collection

Toddlers - You can't go past the 'My First Magformers' line of sets.

What is unique about this series? 

  • These sets are all safety rated from 18 months of age and up (unlike the standard sets that are rated for ages 3 and up).
  • Each set includes additional building cards and / or books to teach children all about shapes, colours and connecting pieces together.
  • The colours - they come in a mix of solid bright crayon colours (which is different from the translucent standard pieces

Why do we recommend these sets as a starter set?

These sets are designed for toddlers and adults to work together. Incorporating creative interaction between adult and child. Together they are reading, using their imagination, and learning / teaching new things. The grown up leads the child in the discovery of shapes, colours, patterns, and building. 

Like all great open ended toys, children can build on a base knowledge of how and why the pieces work, and then grow their experience as they master the art of connecting the shapes.  

How children use these pieces as they grow?

The My First Magformers pieces all are completely compatible with the standard pieces. Down the track you can add in other parts and accessories (such as wheels, people, motors, gears etc) that will all add to your collection. There are not many toddler toys on the market that can grow into a toy that works just as well for a 6 year old, as an 18 month old (just in a different way).