School Book Covers

Hunting down book covers for school? We currently stock the special range in store, and are looking to add book covers to our online store during 2017. 

Why do we love book covers? 

Way back when my oldest began school, as a first time school Mum I diligently contacted all his school books well before school began. Two nights before school started, my son proudly 'got all that sticky wrapping paper off his books', leaving an entire pile of books I would have to cover... twice! 

And that is the very last time I contacted a book. I thought there must be a better solution (it took me 5 hours of covering all together, and I only had one school age child!) We came across Spencil many many years ago, when book covers were mostly unheard of. From that moment, we have been proudly stocking the best (in our opinion) covers on the market. 

Personally, we have covers that have lasted over 6 years in our house, and now the kids cover their own books in 5 minutes!