Introducing STEAM Kids by Flying Fox Studios

For the past 10 years we have been devoted to engaging kids through creative, engaging and educational classes and workshops at Flying Fox Studios.

Since we first opened in 2006, we had a passion for coming Science, technology, engineering, arts and maths in a unique and creative way. Divergent thinking, creative thought, problem solving, innovative use of materials and skill building are all core to our programs.  

Our in-house developed art and engineering curriculum has grown from a small studio, to now cater for hundreds of students each week. Our shop has been built on this creative foundation, and as we move past the 10 year mark, we are developing a super unique brand, product range, and educational philosophy within the Australian education sector. 

What is STEAM Kids ( Well, it's us! It's a specific focus on the parts of our curriculum and store that cover this growing area. It's our off campus school workshops, our engineering classes, our science workshops, our math and art program, our educational resources, our studio on tour, and best of all it's the result of a group of creatives following a dream and working for 10 years to build a foundation for the next creative generation.