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  Welcome to STEAM Kids®, the creative resource space for kids.  STEAM Kids® is a unique concept, born out of many years of creative professional extracurricular education by the team at Flying...

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Game Spotlight: Tenzi! (and its many, many cousins)

Game Spotlight: Tenzi! (and...

November 05, 2018

Ever since the Flying Fox Team first set eyes upon the seemingly simple, yet surprisingly creative dice game TENZI, it was...

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Introducing the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit

Introducing the Harry Potte...

November 02, 2018

Now this is hot for Christmas 2018! Assemble your wand and learn to code with challenges inspired by the Harry...

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Stick-Lets - Because Mother Nature Misses Us

Stick-Lets - Because Mother...

November 01, 2018

It was early 2014 and one of our Flying Fox Studios educators discovered a product called Stick-lets. How excited we...

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Visit Us in Everton Park

Our STEAMKids shopfront is located at Flying Fox Studios in Everton Park. Parking is right out front, and due to the nature of the classes run on site we often have extended trading hours. 

STEAM Kids Store

751 South Pine Rd, Everton Park