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Visit Us / Trading Hours

We have extended opening hours during the school term, and these are based around our Flying Fox Studios class times running from week 2 to week 10 of any school term.

During school holidays, and other times when we have no classes scheduled, our hours return to regular 9am to 5pm trading Monday to Friday, and 9am to 2pm on Saturday. 

Christmas / New Year 2017 TRADING HOURS

Date  Open Closed
24/12/17 CLOSED
25/12/17 CLOSED
26/12/17 CLOSED
27/12/17 - Limited Trading 9am 2pm
28/12/17- Limited Trading 9am 2pm
29/12/17 - Limited Trading 9am 2pm
30/12/17 CLOSED
31/12/17 CLOSED
1/1/18 CLOSED
2/1/18 Limited Trading 9am 2pm
3/1/18 Limited Trading 9am 2pm
4/1/18 Limited Trading 9am 2pm
5/1/18 Limited Trading 9am 2pm
6/1/18 Limited Trading 9am 1pm
7/1/18  CLOSED 
10/1/18 9am 2pm
11/1/18 9am 2pm
12/1/18 9am 2pm


Regular (School Term 2018) Trading Hours 

Monday 9am to 8pm

Tuesday 9am  to 7pm

Wednesday 9am to 8pm

Thursday 9am 7pm

Friday 9am 7pm

Saturday 9am to 2:00pm.

We have a great little shop front located in Everton Park, Brisbane.


751 South Pine Rd (Crn Barton St & South Pine Rd)
Everton Park QLD 4053
Ph: 07 3855 1528