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UGears Mechanical Models

New for our STEAM Kids store in 2017 is UGEARS, Mechanical models for the engineering mind! Eye catching self-propelled wooden model kits, designed to do more than just sit there on your shelf!

UGEARS designs are inspired by real life engineering, and combine a love of art and science. Beautiful looking working models, high end materials and craftsmanship, and quality product testing combine to give us this wonderful product. 

STEAM Kids Recommendation

We believe UGEARS is one of those cross generational treasures, where adults and children (or just adults alone) can enjoy working on a project together. We recommend this product for children 7 to 12 years working with an adult, children aged from 13 years working independently (with help near at hand) or mechanically minded adults who love to tinker! We think UGEARS makes a pretty awesome gift for a grandparent as well.