Plus Plus: One shape, so many possibilities!

Plus Plus: One shape, so many possibilities!

Don't let Plus Plus' seemingly simple appearance fool you, this open ended, creative, and inspiring building toy is perfect for young hands and creative minds!

What is Plus Plus?

Plus Plus is a Danish construction toy with a simple yet ingenious design, which allows for the creation of 3D models as well as 2D pictures. Two single pieces of Plus Plus have over 24 possible combinations.

Plus Plus was designed in Denmark, and specifically tailored for kids. It's unique shape is easily built upon, and encourages creative play, as well as building on fine-motor skills and construction skills.

Plus Plus Mini

With Plus Plus mini, you can create amazing three dimensional sculptures, as well as two dimensional artworks with the broad range of colours Plus Plus have on offer, whether they be Mona Lisa replicas, or Jackson Pollock memorabilia.

Plus Plus Midi

Plus Plus Midi is 6 times the size of Plus Plus mini, and is suited towards younger children aged 12 months to six years old. Featuring bright colours, large non-toxic plastic pieces, and an easy-to-build with design, Plus Plus Midi is perfect for entertaining young children aged 12 months to six years old.


Plus Plus comes in a variety of sizes, colours and sets. The smallest set consists of 100 Plus Plus Midi pieces, with the largest containing 1000 Plus Plus Mini pieces in a variety of colours.

Sets can come in a number of different colour palettes*:

  • Original palette (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Black)
  • Pastel palette (Pink, Aqua, Green, Yellow, Purple)
  • Neon palette (Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange)

*Excluding White

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