Wise Elk Mini Bricks: Construction in the palm of your hand

Wise Elk Mini Bricks: Construction in the palm of your hand

Ever wanted to build your own city? How about a Medieval Fortress? A Lighthouse? With Mini Bricks, you can build all of these and more... plus it'll all fit in the house, no scaffolding or building permits required.

What are Mini Bricks?

Mini Bricks are small, plaster bricks with endless potential for creative construction and model building. They are all made from natural materials, and assembled by 12 hard working employees in Western Ukraine with a passion for bringing construction to kids all around the world


'The Wise Elk plaster range are all made from natural materials. The bricks are made from Plaster, the roofing tiles are made from Ceramic and the base is Cardboard. It is put together using PVA glue and is Reusable! Simply put the bricks into water for a short time and you can easily separate and then rebuild. Follow the design or use your imagination.'

 Chinese House, Wise Elk Mini Bricks constructor set

A world in the palm of your hand

What makes Mini Bricks so special is their ability to make incredibly realistic models on a miniature scale. These bricks are perfect for hobby train sets, Tabletop games, Model displays, and just about anything which requires small scale models of realistic structures.

These bricks come stained in a number of realistic building material colours, however they can be coloured to resemble any number of real structures. And the best part is, they are incredibly light. Weighing at < 1 gram a brick, even the most detailed models can be easily lifted and carried.


Wise Elk construction sets are reusable, which means you can use them again and again! To deconstruct your model simply pour warm water into a container and soak the model for 30 minutes. Let your bricks dry then you can build again. For construction please use PVA (white) glue only.   

For more information, visit these links!

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*Other sets are available in store or online at STEAM kids.com.au

Wise Elk Page: https://wiseelk.com.au/