Game Spotlight: Tenzi! (and its many, many cousins)

Ever since the Flying Fox Team first set eyes upon the seemingly simple, yet surprisingly creative dice game TENZI, it was love at first sight. This game has given a whole new meaning to what's considered a board game, and we love it!

At first glance, it seems simple. Four players each get 10 dice, and the first one to roll their dice and get the same number on each face wins. But that's just at first glance. Although this game lacks a rule book and appears simple, the fact that it doesn't restrict players to a rule book is the magic of Tenzi. Players are meant to add their own rules as they go along, giving this dice game an element of uniqueness and infinite replay value. There's even a book about how many different games you can play with this set of bright dice, called 77 Ways to Play Tenzi!

Just after we got this game in store, members of the Flying Fox Team brought this game home for their families to try out, and reported exceptional levels of fun coming from the 40 dice that make up the base Tenzi pack. 

"There are just so many game combinations you can play! you can play first to get all 6s, first to get 5 even numbers and 5 odds, or you can just throw all the dice in a bowel and whoever has the most in there that didn't bounce out wins!" - Michael Weir, Family Member

Although this game has no board, rulebook or anything that doesn't resemble a small cube with numbers on it, Tenzi has captured all of our imaginations, and continues to be amongst our top picks for board games that are an absolute must take whenever you need something fun to do on a holiday, lazy Sunday or school lunch break.

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