We just LOVE Kinetic Sand at Fox Shop! Not only do we sell it in store, we also use it in classes. We have found

Kinetic Sand Play Experience run by Flying Fox Studios at the Billycart Markets 2014

children (and grown ups) play with Kinetic Sand is several different ways.

Firstly, everyone simply loves shaping and molding the sand. It is amazing how it sticks to itself, and you don't get grains of sand everywhere.

Secondly, we have run many larger scale a

ctivities (both at markets and in our classes) creating Kinetic Sand mini worlds. Here we gather rocks, stocks, shells, play figures, plastic toys, and really anything else small from my toy cupboard. The kids have a ball creating lands, worlds, houses, and landscapes combining the sand wtih other toys. This is the true creative play experience, that extends the life of Kinetic Sand from a novelty, to an interactive toy to last years.

Thirdly, older children just love to make complex sculptures and carvings with the sand. This takes time, and a bit of a plan to begin with. Skills developed are concentration, thinking, fine motor development and lots more.

Flying Fox Studios (and the people behind the fabulous Fox Shop) have run this wonderful Kinetic Sand play experience at the Billycart Markets in Brisbane during 2014. This is our 'mini world' that hundreds of children play with over the course of the evening. So much fun!