Leonardo da Vinci trebuchet - working replica


This working re-creation of a 15th century trebuchet is inspired by the designs of Leonardo da Vinci, and is the perfect gift for boys, hobbyists and anyone who enjoys slinging small clay balls at targets using the latest in medieval siege weaponry  (which should be everyone)

Based on da Vinci's sketches from the Codex Atlanticus, this trebuchet design is unlike most medieval trebuchets, as it only uses one main mast.

Although it's unknown if da Vinci actually had any built, it IS known that this replica can hit a target with clay balls (included) over four meters away!

  • Easy to make in about an hour or two
  • Natural untreated wood and plywood
  • all pieces pre-cut and ready to go
  • Parts are pegged for extra strength
  • Hurl clay balls (included) over four meters away