Learn all about... Science! 32 page book and model



Ever wondered what a DNA strand looks like? Or what Astronomers do? Learn all about... Science has the answers.

Biologist, zoologist, palaeontologist— there are so many different kinds of scientists! If you like learning about nature, join Pierre on this journey of discovery. Have fun exploring science by learning about the people who left their mark on the scientific world and investigating all kinds of new ideas! Feel like a real scientist as you assemble the 3D model of DNA included in the case!

With 32 pages full of experiments, knowledge and trivia, as well as a 28 piece model of a DNA strand, you'll know everything there is to know about science!*

*well, everything to know in this book anyway


comes with a 32 page book and model

Model Specifications:

45 x 19cm (17.1" x 7.5")