Keep it cool this summer with Thermos drink bottles

Keep it cool this summer with Thermos drink bottles

 Karen's Story: Keeping it cool in the Center of Australia

In the 2018/19 summer holidays, Karen and her family took a trip to the center of Australia. Known for it's spectacular landscape, the Uluru-Kata Juta National park was their home for the week, and many memories were made.

Before they left for the trip of a lifetime, Karen did some research. The center of Australia was a hot place, but between the dates she and her family were traveling, the temperate was forecast to rise above 45°!  So she decided to bring along a Thermos water bottle, along with plenty of other water bottles to fill in the sweltering heat.

The first signs of the heat

When they landed, it was clear that it would be HOT. So hot that, in fact, the local IGA's refrigerators were broken due to the extreme heat! It wasn't long before the cold water in the Thermos was in high demand. It wasn't long before the Thermos needed to be refilled with water from the hotel fridge back where they were staying.

In the middle of Australia, It's crucial that everyone drinks enough water to stay hydrated, and Karen's family knew this, and when it came time to head out into the desert, they were thoroughly prepared.

"Mum, Can I have some of the cold water?"

Throughout the week, this was the most popular phrase among the family. Because of the heat, any water not in a vacuum sealed container got hot in a matter of minutes, and it wasn't long before the kids, and even some of the adults, began to ask: "Could you pass over the Thermos?"

Out in the middle of Australia, the vacuum-sealed Thermos drink bottle was among the family's most prized possessions, and the cold water inside provided an incentive for the kids who had been good. In the end, Karen's only complaint was that she only packed one Thermos.

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Keep drinks hot or cold with Thermos

Our Range of Thermos Kids Drink Bottles are perfect for the Australian sun,  providing at least 12 hours of effective insulation. These bottles are the perfect companion for any HPE classes, sports carnivals, or summer lunchtimes.