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Why we love the Bilibo!

Posted by Karen Gilfillan on

As a unique little business, we have the advantage of using many of the products we sell in store in our classes. We have decided that the Bilibo is one of our most favourite toys every! At first glance it's a bit tricky to work out just what it is. Is it a seat? A step? A bowl? A hat? And that's exactly why we love it. 

In a day and age where children's toys often play for them (push a button and you get a reaction), the Bilibo engages kids to think about what it might be. It's imaginative, it's unique, and it's whatever they can think up. 

So sit in it and spin, or don't. Jump off it, peer through the holes, eat your breakfast from a giant Bilibo bowl. Use your imagination and enjoy the creative experience. 

We have found that kids from 2 years, up to about 8 years are the best size to fit in the Bilibo. Although we have had some adults and teenagers squeeze into our class set as well. 


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