Chess Plus Resin Box Set


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Winner of the Australian 2018 Good Design Trophy. Invented in Australia!

A unique chess experience, where a single change offers a world of new possibilities and challenges. 

Chessplus is played under standard chess rules, with one big difference, you can combine your pieces into more powerful merged pieces. Merge a rook and a bishop and the new piece works just like a queen. Instead of a pawn crawling across the board one square at a time, merge it with a rook who can send it straight across the board to be promoted to a queen!

And pieces don’t have to stay together they can be split at anytime!

Chessplus is great fun, and tends to be faster and more aggressive than traditional chess with greater risk and reward.

The inspiration of a young girl playing chess with her dad. Chessplus is  wonderful way to reinvigorate chess and a welcome change of pace from the traditional game.