Stockmar Wax Block 8 Piece Crayons - Sydney Mix Colours



Made from scented beeswax, these Stockmar block crayons are a favourite among parents and children. Non-toxic, and long lasting, Stockmar crayons are perfect for primary school age children and below.

The benefit of Stockmar Crayons

  • 8 Crayons in vibrant colours provide a spectrum of choices for any artwork
  • Beeswax crayons are non-toxic, easy to hold, and last longer than standard pencil crayons
  • Comes in a quality metal casing, easy to fit into any pencil case without the risk of damage.
  • Quality beeswax crayons which are made in Germany

What's in the tin:

8 Stockmar wax crayons, in the Sydney colour range.


41 x 23 x 12mm