Stick-lets Dodeka 12pce Kit


The 12-piece set of silicone stick connectors will kick-start your imagination as you engage with Mother Nature. Build large or small structures with natural materials gathered from the outdoors. Ideal for fort-building, storytelling, classroom projects, camping, maker spaces, gardening, and more.

Ages: 6 to 101 
Connectors: 100% Silicone, ROHS Compliant, Recyclable (check with your county for instruction), Made in Taiwan 

Packaging: 100% Recyclable Packaging (box), 100% Natural Cotton (tote)

Disclaimer: Not intended to be put in the mouth or chewed on. Not intended to support weight or suspend from. For example: Stick-lets are not intended for building a tree swing.

Care Instructions: Rinse with water and soap as needed or place in dishwasher, top rack.

Designed and assembled in the United States by Kazakia Design, LLC


Who knew a spontaneous dinner date with childhood friends could lead to a thesis?
One by one my friends and I went around the dinner table sharing our favorite childhood memories. I noticed they all took place in the great outdoors. This realization made me wonder if children today will have similar stories to share when they are adults. Will they invoke unstructured activity, unsupervised play, and risk-taking- much like ours did?

I also thought, in the future, who will preserve our natural resources, if today's children are not provided the same opportunity to love and appreciate nature? This was my ultimate concern. More importantly, the frustrating summer months of deciding a thesis direction finally came to an end.

This led to my written thesis at the Rhode Island School of Design, Natural Imagination: Reconnecting Urban Children with Nature. Factors such as virtual distractions, busy family schedules, parental fears, and decreased outdoor education within rapidly growing urban areas, made it clear that children were not getting enough exposure to nature.

After months of research, field study, and prototyping, I realized that the tool should be modular, portable, and interactive. It should trigger a direct relationship with nature by giving children the freedom to manipulate, construct, and design their own experiences. Since classic toys such as building blocks are still a big hit; why not take the free play outside?

This is where I introduce Stick-lets™.

Stick-lets™ can help get kids back outside, away from the screen and into the world, where they create stimulating and imaginative experiences. They are designed as a prompt for children to discover nature existing around them. By engaging with this toy, they become aware of a resourceful and renewable element, the stick. Children can feel a sense of accomplishment by scavenging sticks and constructing forts, but Stick-lets™ also provide opportunities for problem-solving, teamwork, imaginative play, and hands-on learning.

Let the fort building begin!