Roominate Chateau Building Set

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Roominate Chateau Building Set (RM3002-CH). Roominate™ Chateau is the perfect toy to let kids be the architect of their own house, while developing STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math), hands-on problem solving, spatial and fine motor skills, self-confidence, and creativity.

This set has 131 pieces, opening up a lot of designs for dollhouses and funky accessories using snap-together pieces - like a two-level structure, bunk beds, balconies, spiral staircases, furniture, house on wheels, and pools.

They can wire motor and light circuits to make creations like windmills, carousels, lamps, etc. come to life (basic circuitry included - additional Circuits kit for additional options also sold separately).

Set includes 131 piece total:
* Doll & pet
* 8 wall/floor panels
* 52 furniture building pieces
* 32 connectors
* motor
* string of 4 lights
* 2 switches
* 2 battery packs
* Screwdriver
* 20 sheets of craft paper