Robots vs Dinosaurs


Robots vs. Dinosaurs is the third game in the Army vs. Aliens series. 

Object of the Game: To Rule the World! Whether you are playing as the Robots or the Dinosaurs, your goal is to destroy your opponent and decide once and for all who is better, Robots or Dinosaurs!

Choose a Side, Roll the Dice, Rule the World. Will metal and artificial intelligence beat out sharp teeth and claws?

On each turn you may either attack or rally your team by re-rolling the dice from your dice cup. The player with the last dice still in the game wins. 

Game Includes!

  • 18 Dice (9 gray Robot dice, 9 orange Dinosaur dice)
  • 2 Cups and Lid Attachment
  • 4 Interchangeable Battle Guides 
  • Instructions