Quercetti Saxoflute 16 Piece


  • Your young musician will be instrument and composer all in one! By using the 16 connecting tubes such as trumpet end, tubes and mouthpiece, children can create a wonderful and wacky instrument.
  • As the shape and length of the instrument changes, so does the sound. Learn how different configurations change the pitch and how to solve a problem if your creation doesn't make any noise at all!
  • Both green pipes feature holes you can plug to change the notes you play! Made entirely of top-quality ABS plastic this building set is unbreakable and meets the highest safety standards. A fantastic way to introduce young children to the joys of music and the thrill of pure creativity!
  • Contains 16 Piece Build Your Own Instrument Set. Includes: 3 straight tubes with holes, 1 whistle, 1 trumpet end and 11 straight tubes and L-shapes in 2 colors.