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Plus Plus Midi Basic 50 piece

  • $2900

Plus Plus is a set of interlocking pieces that can produce an infinite number of 2-D & 3-D designs. The set encourages children to think creatively about colour, design, and structure as building possibilities are limited only by their imagination.

Plus-Plus® is a new toy having gained a tremendous popularity over the last few years in its home base in Denmark. The success has been developed together with the leading toy retailers, specialty stores as well as with schools and other institutions.

Simplistic shape. Endless possibility!

Plus Plus Midi Price Matrix
 Box Size & Qty Cost per Piece Cost
Plus Plus Midi 20 $0.70 $14.00
Plus Plus Midi 50 $0.58 $29.00
Plus Plus Midi 100 $0.44 $44.00
Plus Plus Midi 150 $0.36 $54.00
Plus Plus Midi 200 $0.34 $69.00
Plus Plus Midi 400 $0.30 $120.00

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