Magformers Space WOW Set

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$63.00 RRP $79.90

If you have a little one who loves everything about space, then the Magformers Space Wow Set is a wonderful choice. Largely based on our best-selling original Magformers Wow Set, it contains some super cool accessories – a satellite dish and an astronaut figure.

Themed building cards are included in the set and feature construction projects like a space station, moon buggy and loads of different rockets. 

The Magformers WOW series of sets are one of our favourite starter sets, as the instruction and building cards provide a fantastic way to learn how Magformers work. 

  • Contains 22 pieces, including accessories.
  • The set includes 20 double-sided study cards illustrating main principles of playing with Magformers and showing creative ideas for children of all ages.
  • Suggests 20 models of space aircraft to build with Magformers.
  • Fully compatible with other Magformers sets.
  • 12 triangles,  5 squares, 1 x astronaut figure, 2 x click wheels, rotating unit and antenna
  • STEAMkids Recommendation: We highly recommend the WOW set series to start your Magformers collection. The unique instruction cards that come with this set are fantastic to teach kids how to use Magformers, how to join pieces, create strength, and add a little creativity to their designs.

    The instruction cards in this set are A3 in size, and children learn through one-to-one correspondence. Pieces are placed directly on their corresponding instruction, which we have found is the best way children learn early instruction following skills.