Magformers Space Episode 55 Piece Set

$159.90 $124.00

Who says earthlings and little green dudes from other planets can't get along? There's a human & alien design for each craft in the Magformers Space Episode set. Be a universal builder promoting intergalactic peace and exploration. It helps that all the construction pieces are naturally attracted to each other.

The Space Episode Set comes with a detailed guidebook for building 14 great existing designs and inspiring original creations not yet discovered. There's an earthling astronaut and an alien figure to pilot your creation. They've got the same magnetic personality the other pieces do. So they can slip into every futuristic ship or funky alien construct. Let the astronaut take the Alien Space Station for a spin around the planet while the alien pilots Earth Space Station for a bit. Everyone's a star in the Magformers Space Episode!


  • 4 triangles
  • 8 squares
  • 4 isosceles triangles
  • 6 rectangles
  • 2 diamonds
  • 4 trapezoids
  • 2 hexagons
  • 2 circles
  • 4 triangle arches
  • 1 antenna
  • 2 engine caterpillar
  • 1 engine module block A
  • 1 new rotating block
  • 4 wing covers
  • 6 wing connectors
  • 1 astronaut figure
  • 1 alien figure
  • 2 domes