KIPOD Bare Wood

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Assemble and paint your own wooden bear! 
Bare-wood is a simple and adorable wooden Bear, produced out of high quality timber. Made up of 10 pieces, two ears, two legs, two arms, one torso, one head, one nose, and one tie, that are easy to assemble for three dimensional designing.

Pieces connect via included joints to form the bear. Separate pieces make covering the body in paint easier, no need to try to get in the corners in between joints
Bare-wood enabling kids to build by themselves their own special bear, painting it and adding personal touches to make it their own.

The final bear can be set at few positions, sitting down, standing, lying down and all on fours, and then they can paint him as they wish, panda, grizzly, rainbow bear and more.
Good to know - all of our products are made out of high quality materials, all perfectly safe for use by children.
for age 4+

 Each KIPOD toy has an educational aspect to it and the child learns a skill. Either to construct, to fold, to tie or to balance. The idea is to make the toy first, then play with it. In this age of instant gratification and availability this  makes a pleasant change and it makes the children very proud to have made it themselves.

Most of the kits can be used over and over again. The main component is wood and other elements such as paper, wool or washi tape are easily replenished from local craft stores.

Each kit is packed in a fun, sturdy box with full instructions. They make great gifts and suit children of various ages (generally 4 years+).