De Noest Silhouette Plate: Birthday Orange


De Noest Silhouette Plate: Birthday Orange is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Swap to this fabulous orange plate during that special month, week or day of the year. A fun way to celebrate in a unique way.

The beauty of the De Noest lamps are that you can swap the silhouette plates around, they are completely interchangeable as your child grows and their interests change.

You may swap a different plate for a change of season, a special event, new room decor, or even just as your little one grows up.
  • Silhouettes are cut by hand (not laser cut as that can leave a dark boarder)
  • Compatible with the De Noest Silhouette Lamp (sold seperately). This can be purchased here.
  • Made in The Netherlands by the creativies of DeNoest