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De Noest Silhouette Lamp Maypole

  • $9900

The key to one of the most thought provoking gifts you have ever seen. The silhouette lamp base is made of birch wood. It has a small lamp inside which once a silhouette is in place illuminates the image. Each of the silhouettes have a different image, some to recognize seasonal change and others to celebrate specific occasions like Christmas and Easter. A very beautiful gift for adult and child alike. The silhouettes are completely interchangable. They slide into the front section of the silhouette lamp base and when illuminated provide a radiant ambiance in any room. The silhouette lamp can be used as at night for storytelling. Your child can choose the silhouette that they would like to use as a prompt for that nights story time and together you can create a story and set your imagination free.

Maypole Silhouette

Wake the earth with songs and dance and celebrate the ancient rites of Spring with this heritage festival and the maypole. The silhouettes are completely interchangeable. They slide into an area at the front of the silhouette lamp base and when illuminated provide a beautiful ambiance in any room. Collect the series of silhouettes and use them year after year.

$99 Includes one silhouette lamp base, and one Mayploe silhouette. 

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