Crystals and Minerals |Discover Science Melbourne Museum

  • Grow crystals using Mono Ammonium Phosphate (supplied) and salt (not supplied).
  • Discover the amazing qualities and features of minerals that make them essential in everyday life.
  • Find out about the factors that influence the shape and growth of crystals and examine the special properties of carbon while constructing models of graphite and diamond.
  • Learn how to organise and catalogue your own collection of rocks and minerals beginning with the samples of pyrite and amethyst included in this kit.
  • Kit contains:
    - Mono Ammonium Phosphate sachet
    - 100ml plastic cups and lids (2)
    - Safety goggles and gloves
    - Wooden stirrer and plastic spoon
    - Magnifier
    - Amethyst and Pyrite samples
    - Full colour booklet with photo-storyboard instructions!

    Please read instructions prior to use.

  • Suggested Ages:  10+ years old