Mon Petit Art: Haute Couture Le défilé


No need to sew to create a wonderful Haute Couture outfit, with this wonderful paper doll kit you will need imagination and a creative flair to layer a wonderful outfit. 

Thanks to this creative kit, kids will dress up delicate models. Using a combination of stickers, collage, foils, paper folding and glue your outfit will be ready in no time.  

- 5 large paper dolls designed by artist Izumi Idoia Zubia
- 3 sheets of raffined silk paper to crease
- 2 sheets of precious patterns with shapes to be cut
- Hundreds of creative stickers to decorate the dresses

30 x 20 cm  // Cardboard FSC certified // Made in Europe

Recommended for ages 7 to 12 years (although we have no doubt adults with a creative flair will love this kit as well)