Catch the Match Duo Deep Fun on the Farm


The fun is catching on with the all new edition of Catch the Match Duo with 4 editions (On Safari, Under the Sea, Fun on the Farm and Deep in Space). Now you can play the award-winning, eye-catching, pattern recognition game with all new images and a with a new twist. In Catch the Match, there are 15 cards that each have a variety of objects. All of the objects are different and have different color combinations. For the regular game, any two cards have one object that is exactly the same between the two cards. Find the identical pair to Catch the Match. Want even more of a challenge? Flip the cards over to play Catch the Match Duo, and now you have TWO paris of identical images to catch! The correct player takes one of the cards as a reqard, and a new card is turned over to play again with all new objects to find. For 2 to 8 Players, 15 Minute Playing Time, Ages 5 to Adult. Game includes 15 Catch the Match Duo Cards and Instructions