BRUYNZEEL Design Specialties Pencils 12pc Box



12 Assorted Specialty Pencils in a Box. Professional level artist pencils that can be used in a variety of creative applications. A perfect set for the artist looking to explore the classic drawing tones and shades for figure and life drawing

Aqua-Sketch (Medium - Soft) - Pencil with a water-soluble core.

Charcoal (Hard - Medium - Soft) - The charcoal pencil allows you to work cleanly and accurately.

Sanguine (Oil) – Pencil with a reddish core, particularly suitable for portraits and life drawings.

Sepia (Light - Dark) - Pencil with a dark-brown sepia core, suitable for sketching and drawing landscapes.

White (Soft) - Pencil with a white, chalk-based core, for applying contrasts and toning down colours.

Blender - A drawing instrument to smooth out chalk, etc., thereby creating shade and 'silkier' effects.