After Dinner Challenge Family Game


Put your mind and body to the test with these simple challenge games for the whole family!

Perfect for starting straight after dinner when you're all seated around the table, each card in printed with two challenges - one mental and one physical. But don't worry, the physical challenges aren't too physical since they must suit all ages and full tummies!

Each person takes it in turn to pick a card, but they must decide if they will take the mental or the physical challenge before they have seen what the challenges are. Only once they have decided, they are then informed of their chosen challenge.

If they select a physical challenge, they get to select any opponent of their choice from the table if required. If they choose a mental challenge, they have just 60 seconds to complete their challenge. There are tongue twisters, memory games, team challenges are more!

For example, a mental challenge might be: "Can you count backwards from 50 saying out loud only even numbers?" and a physical challenge might include "The first member of the family to find something red in the kitchen!"

Contains 50 cards and a 60 second sand timer.