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IQ Key Perfect 1000

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Explore the impressive world of mechatronics and build 40 different models with this fantastic kit IQ key kit. We love IQ key, as it is specifically designed to encourage children to see how things work. 

The kit contains, among much else: an engine, floats and paddle wheels (so it can float and sail on the water), large and small wheels, switch, wiring and lamp, connecting rods, gears, crown gears capsule, speed-reducing capsule, worm gear capsule, internal gear capsule and transmission capsule . 
Once completely assembled, bring your futuristic designs to life with an electrical-power capsule that transfers energy to all the attached parts through the connection pegs.
Fully compatible with the original Capsela toy design. 
More than 200 parts.
The kit may also be used for educational purposes.
Suitable for children from 12 years.

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