Bee Cell Hotel: Fancy


Native bees need our help
Bee populations in Australia are in decline. Due to the growth of our towns and cities habitats have changed, and have an an impact on bee populations world wide. 

In an urban environment a Bee hotel will replicate the narrow burrows of native bees, providing an environment solitary bees can call home.

An bee hotel is a human made creation designed to provide shelter for bees, and encourage the eco-system of your garden to thrive. When designing a garden a healthy mix of critters helps your garden grow and thrive. While bugs, insects and bees might not be your thing: almost two-thirds of flowering plants need insects for pollination.

You can help attract the bees by planting a wide variety of pollen-rich plants, each that flower at different times of the year to provide a regular food source. Native bees like gum trees, bottle brushes, wattles and daisies, among others are a perfect choice.

This bee hotel is made from sturdy FSC timber and bamboo hollows.

Size: 20 x 17.3 x 7.3cm.